Hey Gang!

The shop has been updated!

So this week I know I promised a very large update and I'm so sorry, but it's not going to happen until next week.

This week I made a big personal choice, nothing bad, but I'm hoping that it's going to help me be able to focus more on the shop and feel better in general. It's already helping me sleep, which is *AMAZING*!!!

I'm also planning on some new stuff, working on a new business plan, working on some different prices, etc. Basically, modernacorn is getting a face lift business wise. I have a lot of loyal and amazing customers and want to keep up that relationship. Unfortunately I also have a few copy cats and would like that to stop. I need to work on a good balance between business and my personal life, its hard to sit down at night and relax when I have a sewing machine in my view, begging me to sew sew sew all night! Sometimes I need more of a reminder to stop, smell the roses and get off the internet! lol!

This weekend I'm going to be finishing all custom orders. I have around 60 pads to sew this weekend, so I don't think I'll be doing much blogging or emailing. Once I get these orders out on Monday, I'll be emailing people back about custom orders. I just don't feel right taking any more orders until I get these ones finished and on their way to their happy new owners! I have about 15 people who's emailed I've saved and filed, so be prepared to hear from me late Tuesday!

I'm so excited about feeling healthy, sane and spring-like in these next few weeks. Also, California's sales tax goes up on April 1st, so I'm going to try my hardest to stock stock stock before that happens so my local friends don't have to feel the heat right away on that!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and I'll see you Monday...or Tuesday ;)