{*New & A Give Away*}

I'm going to try very hard not to be too wordy tonight! I'm going to address shop changes, FAQs, custom orders and more "shop talk" on Wednesday. I did get a chunk of orders done this weekend, but my serger needs a quick visit to the shop tomorrow. In more good news, if you are a frequent modernacorn pad buyer, I'm now including coupons for FREE SHIPPING in your orders as my way of saying THANK YOU!!!!!

SO! On to more good stuff!!!!

Firstly, I've made some fantastic new pads. And I've stocked the shop full of them!!! Get them while you can!!!

These pads are simply *fantastic*xten! Instead of being backed with antipill fleece, they are backed with super high quality (Amy Butler, Moda, Kona) quilters 100% cotton! Woo hoo!

What does this mean?

This means the pad is more breathable, making it a great choice for upcoming spring and summers warm days! They are EXTREMELY thin, great for wearing under your favorite shorts and skirts! They can even be ironed as long as you avoid the snaps!!! Sweeeeeet! Also, if you want too, you can wear the solid cotton side up against the skin or the cute patterned fabric! The choice is totally yours! YEEEEESSSS!!!! *jumps up and down!!!*

::Enter some Frank Period Talk::

Anti-pill fleeces main purpose in a cloth menstrual pad is its moisture resistant properties, which are great if you need to wear a pad for an extended amount of time, it'll help protect you if you can't get to the bathroom to change it. However, it also doesn't breathe, causing some women to sweat (myself included). Plus it makes a thicker pad...BOOO!!!!

Enter 100% cotton! WOO HOO! With 100% cotton backed pads, you mainly just have to "know your flow" and your own schedule, if you change your pad often, you won't have a problem with these pads. If you tend to go several hours without changing, they might not be for you, unless you have a lighter flow. I tend to change my pad each time I use to the bathroom and had no problems with cotton backing, I even made some overnight pads with cotton, no problem either, I believe I slept 8 hours that night, lol. If your concerned about leaking, but really want to try these, I suggest the same thing I do to cloth newbies, wear the pad around the house to get a feel for it!! The shape and core (absorbent part of the pad)  are still the same, one layer of organic 100% cotton fleece, two layers of bamboo fleece! I think your realllllly going to like these and become hooked on cotton!!!!

As an incentive to try them and to kick off a new product....

I'm giving two pads away!!!

YAYYYY!!!!! All you have to do is comment to this post and this post only by NOON PST Wednesday March 25th! At that point, I'm going to use random.org to generate two winners using their website! YAY!!!! At some point Wednesday night I'm going to post with the winners names and you'll have to email me your names, if the people don't email me, then I'll draw numbers again!!! Which pad you win is a total surprise, but it will be either Heather Ross Mendocino or Tina Givens Treetop Fancy!!!! Either pad is GORGEOUS and hey, it's FREE! International folks are more than welcome to join as well! The more people who comment, the merrier and there is more of a chance for more giveaways!

The catch?

You have to tell me your FAVORITE or INFAMOUS PMS CRAVING!!!!! For me? It's anything sweet and salty. Chocolate covered pretzels? I'm THERE!

***Contest CLOSED!!! I'll be announcing the winners later tonight!!! Thanks so so so much for playing along!!!! Check back to see if you've won!!!***