{*Give Away & Shop Stuff*}

(new thank you cards were printed today! eek!!!)


Tonight I'm announcing who won the PMS craving giveaway!!! Thanks so so much to everyone who entered...54 of you!!! I was expecting ten, so I've been in awe!!!

Before I get to that, it's time to talk shop. Things are changing here at modernacorn. To put it simply, they have to change so I can keep my sanity and keep doing what I love, which is sewing radical new pads with super gorgeous fabric!!!WOOT!!

Recent blog posts, twitter, flickr, all has generated a HUGE interest in cloth pads and I can't even begin to talk about how happy this makes me. I love love love advocacy, I surround myself with advocates of all sorts,(my bff from HS Danielle is doing an MS walk! awesome!checkout her story!) I'm happy when I'm making others happy and contributing to a greater good. I strive to make a difference in my little world.

Generally I wake up and I find myself bombarded with emails and in the past few months, it's gotten to the point where I've been looking into hiring an assistant. And I'm not joking. Normally it's stuff that I can answer super fast but lately I'm spending 2 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the evening replying! This is GREAT except..wow. That's a lot of emails. So Mr.McPorkchop was helping me reply. Which ended up just getting confusing! lol! So my amazing web designer Jody (who I owe a lifetimes worth of pads too) created this super rad FAQs !!!! They are great, they talk about shipping, custom orders, first time pad buyers, etc.

Now the doozy. Custom orders. Since I posted the giveaway I have 46 new people, just from MONDAY, who want custom orders. I am so so so so excited about this but also completely overwhelmed. This past weekend Mr.McPorkchop & I discussed my business and how fast its growing and new plans! I am happy as a clam sewing all day, but even if I wanted to, I can't accept that many orders. I need to have a little bit of a personal life because sometimes I tend to put my relationships in the backseat while I work, take time to eat, you know, have a life!!!! Hahaha! I'm still working on orders from February. And I get a lot of emails that end with "I'll wait!!! It's totally ok with me! Take your time!!!" which is so so so so nice and I *truly* appreciate that, but I start to feel weird holding on to peoples money and taking months to ship things. I'm not ok with that. That's not what I want for my business. I thrive on organization, productivity and making new friends, not feeling guilty because I have so many orders hanging over my head and you are grumpy because it's taking so long!!!!

What I do want is to make things more streamlined, more simple and faster! I want you to get your pads...you know, before menopause! LOL! So starting next week, if I can get caught up on current orders, I'm going to start putting custom listings in the shop. These listings will be really simple, they'll say for example "7 Daily Liners" and you will purchase the listing, asap I'll send you a link to a private online fabric gallery, you'll pick the fabrics and we'll be on our way! Once one order is done, I'll put another custom listing up for whatever there seems to be a high demand for like "3 overnights"! You get the idea. Then as time allows me, I'll make custom listings for custom cores. For example, if you need extra layers of bamboo. These are listings are going to cost extra, as mentioned in the FAQs. I've also made the decision to no longer use PUL or offer it in pads. I've always struggled with sewing with it, its very hard on my sewing machines and serger blades.  I'd like to move towards using more cottons and bamboos to make a more ecofriendly pad. I have some friends with verrryyyy heavy flows and I just use more layers of bamboo and have yet to have a problem, but I do understand that some women need it and I apologize that I won't be able to meet their needs.

I've also decided on a set work schedule and I'll be updating the shop Monday - Friday with whatever is sewn that day. This way there are always new pads to pick from!!! I know this presents a problem regarding shipping, my friend Karen yelled at me on flickr about cute pads the day after hers shipped, lol, so please please please know that you can ALWAYS contact me about combining shipping. If you want to buy stuff on Tuesday and keep buying til Friday, no problem!!!! A priority envelope will hold a TON of pads and it's $5! Sweet!

SO THAT! Is the knitty gritty!!!!!! I'll be emailing through out the night, week, weekend, etc to let people know that I can't take their custom orders.

So ready? Are you ready?

random.org gave me two lucky numbers 11 & 46!!!! In my blogs dashboard, those comments are....!!!!!

Number 11 is Alicia who says "My favorite… a banana and Nutella sandwich. Mmmmm." I agree Alicia, I adore Nutella!!!

And comment number 46 is Sarah who says "haha! the whole refrigerator is my craving. All of it. And then some pizza. And hard dip ice cream. Then I’d have some onion rings.AND DUDE! Nachos!" Oh Sarah!!!! Hahahaha!!! You & me both!!!!! I sometimes think I need to padlock my fridge shut!!!

So Alicia & Sarah please email me your addresses to modernacorn AT gmail DOT com so I can send you a pad!!! I'm going to have Mr.McPorkchop put the pads in their packages and we will play a game with the labels so we won't know who's getting which one, lol!!!

I snuck a few new pads in the shop as well!

Have a  great night and it's almost FRIDAY!!! YESSSS! Got any good plans for the weekend???