{*~Confessions of The Shy Farmer~*}

Hi guys!

Shy Farmer McPorkchop here!

It's true. I rarely pop into the flickr group. I forget to blog my blocks. I get shy.

I think because when I look at everyone's blocks, they are so uniquely THEM. Some are matchy matchy from one line of fabric. Some are all in their favorite colors. Some are just solids. But each person's blocks are so great and mine are just..unique. I sew my blocks with whatever I feel like sewing with that day. Whatever story I feel like telling. Whatever color combo comes into my brain that day. So my quilt is totally not cohesive and ALL scrappy crazy fussy cut wildness. Which is kind of scary. (ok. very scary)

I've always admired the girls who are SO cute and well put together and classy, but that's not me. At all. I'm a little more rough around the edges. And I'm 100% a-ok with that but for this quilt I'm feeling SHY about it. I see Camille & Angela's blocks and they are so sweet, totally perfect and beautifully pieced and I am like I WANT TO BE SWEET & PERFECT LIKE THAT!!!! But that's just not me. I'm a goober. I'm like "let's throw all these fabrics together into this one block and run with it".

And so I was shy! It IS intimidating being a founding member of this GIANT quilt-a-long. So see, I'm just keeping it real over here. I'd be lying to you if I said it wasn't intimidating, there are SO many talented folks sewing along with us. I mean, it's pretty outstanding.

The thing that kind of jolted me back to reality was at Sewing Summit so many people would come up to us and be like "I'M A BAD FARMER!!! I'M BEHIND!!!! MY BLOCKS AREN'T PERFECT!!!!" It was like, true confessions of quilters.

And of course my automatic response was "WHO CARES! ITS YOUR QUILT! SEW WHEN YOU CAN! HAVE FUN WITH IT!" Because that's my nature.

But WHY WASN'T I TELLING MYSELF THIS?! Who knows. Either way, I love these blocks! My quilt is totally not perfect, two of my blocks are only 6.25 but that's ok. I'm rolling with it. And you should too. No more being shy!!! Plus, I'm very glad I got to spend time with Angela because guys, she is amazing. Seriously one of the sweetest people I've ever met. I want to hang out with her like, ALWAYS. And if I'm a less shy farmer, we can work on our blocks & encourage each other & I don't feel like I have to hide from her...haha.

Here are some of my current blocks:

They are: Northern Lights, Storm Signal, Friendship Star, OneWho'sNameICan'tRemember&I'mLettingMyNeighborBorrowMyBook, Homeward Bound, Snowball!

The moral of the story is, I'm going to keep farming, you should farm too & I finally was able to buy eggnog this week. That is so exciting!!!! OH and!!!! I'm on ravelry & actually using it. So let's be yarn pals. ;)