It's been pretty busy around Casa De Porkchop lately!!!

I taught a holiday canning class in Redding at That Kitchen Place that was a total blast. I love love love teaching cooking classes, especially canning. We made honey brandied pears, cranberry orange walnut compote, spiced pumpkin butter, vanilla vodka and mexican hot chili cocoa. I made them a whiskey plum crumble to snack on while we cooked. I really want to blog more about food things but I'm not sure where to begin! I generally cook 90% of our meals from scratch, recently I've been cooking wild game (!!!!), I've been doing some canning for Christmas gifts,  I wrapped about 150 lbs of deer meat & discovered ducks in Chop's lunch box. That's a LOT! Haha! Tonight I'm making Swedish Meatballs with the cranberry compote I canned...nom!

I'm really content sewing in the kitchen. I get to look out the window and it feels more relaxed. I can see the woodstove, I can keep an eye on whatever I have cooking and my ipod dock is on the kitchen counter, so it's working out nicely. I do HATE daylight savings though! I need sunshine! And lots of it! The whole sun setting at 5:30 is cramping my style. So I'm trying to sit in front of the windows and sew. It went from being 80 degrees to 60 degrees in like, 2 days! But I'm so not complaining about the cooler temps at all. I can bake & can all day long without the kitchen being 150 degrees ;)

The Chop & I celebrated two years of marriage on the 30th of October! I debated blogging something mushy & awkward but he's already terrorized enough by me ;)

So! The Farm! Let's chat about it! I have 52 blocks done! Woo Woo! That's all of them above! wowzers! Not the greatest photo, I know. Two of the blocks I'm going to redo because I hate the colors. The 18 blocks in separate photos are all new. They just feel GOOD to work on. I listen to my favorite music, drink this new Target brand cinnamon decaf coffee I discovered with oodles of pumpkin spice egg nog and chop into my favorite fabrics.

When I say favorite fabrics, I mean fabrics that I've been holding onto 5x6 inch pieces of for years. I'm not going to lie, it's kind of emotional! I'm chopping up fabrics I've had since 2005 that I know I could never again be able to buy! I want to use them in a project I know I'm going to love and I've accepted that this quilt will be an heirloom. Some of the seams are so teeny tiny in order to use these scraps that I doubt I'll ever wash it and I'll most likely use it as a coverlet and turn it down each night instead of sleeping under it.

There's a lot of exciting stuff going on right now that I should note:

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something but that's ok ;)