{*~First Frost Mini~*}

Woo Woo!

So Amy, who I mentioned previously is super cute, is hosting a sew & tell all about mini quilts. To be completely honest with you guys I had to ask her what that meant, she kept talking about link parties. That was a hot topic at Sewing Summit. Link-y Parties. I'm not hip and Sewing Summit taught me a lot about the internet. Haha! ;) But she explained it and it's cute! From what I gather, you add your link and then everyone can go around and see all the mini quilts! You know me, I'm into anything involving minis!

Amy asked me if I'd take part & I of course said YES! And you can do it too! I was worried I was late but apparently you have until tomorrow and some very nice folks have offered some sweet gifts! You can read all about it here! And before anyone says they don't have time or fabric or whatever, you can do it. I made this today in a few hours from scraps of scraps. Mmmhmm!

Here we go!

It's called First Frost Mini!

Here are the details:

I keep a coffee tin that I covered in scrapbook paper next to my sewing machine. When I foundation piece my Farmer's Wife block, I toss the remains from the blocks into this tin. So these are scraps of my scraps from my blocks! Each square was a scrap that I cut to 2x2 inches and made into a nine patch (Pam & Tracey will be proud, I pressed my seams to the side ;)) , added a little coral-y border too and finished off with some shot cotton in my favorite color. These are some of my very favorite fabrics, I'm literally using the smallest bits & pieces lately that I can't bear to part with but HAVE TO USE RIGHT NOW. Each fabric is special & has a place in my heart, dorky, but so true! It was exciting to use them and it's winter-y but still autumn-y, like the first frost of the year! I love rounded corners on quilts right now, I'm glad I did it on this little mini. Extra special!

The quilting is a free style- free motion. I didn't mark it, just made a loop-y doodle pattern. I got a new foot for my Bernina that I'm really enjoying, #15 if you are curious! The tension isn't perfect because I quilted it just on the top & batting, no backing. And my machine is now a lint-y mess. Big shock ;) The thread is King Tut, it's a pretty variegated cream/beige/gray. It's backed with Puti de Pome flannel. I found this gold and white glitter ric rac in a package of Christmas decorations from the garage, but you can buy glitter ric rac at JoAnns now, it comes in three colors. I might have bought some a few nights ago ;)

The quilt measures 9x9 inches. I think that's everything?!

So drop by Amy's blog, say hi & link to your mini! And! You can add it to this new quilt flickr mini quilt pool!


Woo Woo! Happy Saturday :):)