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It was nice to hear about everyone's WIPs yesterday. I think the general feeling is that it's ok to have a tons of projects going at once and I should frog Damson. I'm going to let it marinate over the weekend & see how I feel about.

Yesterday I started a new cross stitch. This is called Snowy Day, by Lizzie*Kate. I do feel funny blogging and working on another companies cross stitch patterns when I co-own one of the cutest cross stitch companies out there. But sometimes when you work on creative stuff all day long for work, you want to just work on something for FUN and MINDLESS, without any ulterior motives than to just sit & stitch. Makes sense right? Also, I'm using a skein of Weeks Dye Works "Whitewash" that PKM sent me and is BEAUTIFUL! I want the Pumpkins to design patterns using these neat hand dyed flosses, they are kind of pricey though ($2 compared to Cosmo at $1 or DMC at $.60).

I swear, November should be called Scrapember  here around Casa de Porkchop. I've been sewing with my very favorite bits and pieces, using up every last scrap. I *love* it. I bet you guys are getting tired of me talking about these scraps! So, long scrappy story short,  I made a new project pouch yesterday.

Here are the details:

  • Scavenged zipper that I had cut too small for a previous project.
  • Measures 9x6 inches.
  • Fabrics: FFA2, Shot Cotton, Cross Weaves, D2, Greenfield Hill, Liberty of London, Hometown.
  • 4 inch star.
  • Scrap silk batting.
I wanted to sew something kind of sweet & special but not start something "new". Like, I didn't want to cut into fat quarters or buy anything or really think too hard to be completely honest. I just sewed up some of my favorite scraps and backed it with my favorite Denyse Schmidt. I know everyone is all hullabaloo about Flea Market Fancy being re-released but I love Greenfield Hill way more! Library Stripe is so perfect!
I wish I had miles of the fabrics I used in this pouch. Seriously. They are my favorites and the colors I love to sew with.
I got a skein of Madelinetosh Erin in Faded Calico yesterday, I'm hoping to cast on for Crooked Paths soon! I'm not sure how flattering the color will be against my skin but I'm hoping for the best. I want a cozy knit cap!
What are you guys doing this weekend?