Thankful For:

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!!!!

Tomorrow is TURKEY DAY! woo woo! We are having a low key and relaxing day around here. I've been working on a lap quilt for myself. It's made out of...

you guessed it...

more scraps! I'm hooked and it feels GOOD. I've completely used up every single linen and neutral scrap I had. I'm now adding in bits of very special fabrics and just piecing a little bit each day. I can't wait to finish it and show you guys! And I can't wait to finish it so I can have a warm lap ;)

I haven't farmed yet this week but I'm thinking maybe on Friday I'll make a block. It's hard to concentrate on sewing when everyone is home because I'd rather be hanging out with them! But I'm making progress on my cross stitch & Kristi sent me the PERFECT green! thank you!!! <3 And I started my hat (Tosh Erin Hertitage, I love this yarn!)! But before I finish any of those things I NEED hand warmers! Chop & I were out last night & my fingers were FROZEN!

I'm feeling thankful for a lot in general. An amazing husband. A great family. Supportive friends. Good food always. Exciting projects. Jam. Linen. Pinterest. The color gray. That a new Muppet movie comes out tomorrow. Eggnog. Really, I'm thankful for EVERYTHING. I'm not hard to please. I just like cozy things, great people and the roof over my head. And I'm appreciative for it all.

Have a great week friends!