Documenting Everything & Desserts

Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!!!

Imagine me tossing a handful of glitter and sparkles in the air because that's what I feel like doing this year!

2012 is the year I want to document everything. I just feel really positive about it for some reason. I want to give it my very best and see what becomes of it. I'm taking part in #JANphotoaday which is super cute and fun. Karyn mentioned a 365 app and I'm doing that. I don't always have time to take a "real" photo but I still want to do something! Plus I love the look of little instagram photos printed out. Cuuuute!

I'm also doing Project Life. I keep a very big & detailed journal but this year I want to do something small and sweet and special. I bought this library drawer and each day I'm going to add a card to it. I've been chopping up all my scrapbook paper into cards and collecting little bits of things. I want it to focus on the positive and inspiring tiny tid bits of daily life. Are you doing project life this year?

Our sock party is coming along great except...I'm not loving my pattern. And I feel terrible because it's the pattern I picked for us all to work on! I think today I might frog & pick something else. But I am *loving* the yarn, it's a Pigeonroof Studios and it's so dang cheerful! Very bright pinks and neutrals!

I hope you guys are ready for Dessert of the Month! I'm kind of dying, our amazing pal Stitchy Stitcherson has tested the pattern and has been sending us photos of the stitched up desserts and O M G! You guys want IN on this project! They are small desserts that are KAWAII and EASY but full of ADORABLE details. I got a piece of 32 count gray linen...with GLITTER!!!! I ordered here & hope it comes soon, I'm anxious to start stitching!

The Dessert of the Month Club is on sale until the 10th of January for $10...after that the price goes up to $16.95! We can do gift memberships too, so if you want to include something for a swap buddy or bloggy friend, let us know!

I'll give you a hint about the first Dessert, he'll be zooming to subscribers inboxes on the 5th..he's tiny...he's booze-y...and he's bubbly. That's it! My lips are sealed! In order to know what he is and to stitch him up, you have to subscribe!

See you soon!