Exciting Day! Aurifil & Pumpkins!

Today is an exciting day!!!

Roseann has designed a super cute block for Aurifil and I'm kind of dying! I loved reading about her and her inspiration. Plus, seeing where she creates! eek! Super fun! Swing by and check it out. So far I'm *loving* the 12wt cotton, it's really fun to work with! AND! If you make the block and put it in the flickr group, you can win free thread! Who doesn't love free thread?!

The Pumpkins have released the first dessert! A champagne truffle!!! He's bubbly, booze-y and a great way to play with sparkle floss! To sign up for the full year, click here We are working out how to get the first month back to an automatic download but in the meantime after you sign up, I'll be emailing the files manually :) We had a little computer glitch this morning that almost gave me a heart attack but! all is well now in Pumpkin Land. Phew!

Best part? Karyn is selling floss bundles! 12 colors...which means...TWO MONTHS. mmmHMM. That means you'll also have FEBRUARY'S COLORS! eek!

Can I just say that all this talk of embroidering and cross stitch has me so excited? I am the hugest fan ever of hand work and seeing people want to do it makes me smile SO big. Bari has a ton of helpful tips & tricks on welovefrenchknots! I can't WAIT to share with you guys my Aurifil Block for October...but we have a while. Pat really picked some awesome people! I'm in such good company, everyone has a really unique style! I'm hoping to sneak in a little stitching & knitting today..maybe even sit outside at starbucks... ;)