The house has turned into a mini pad shop today!!!! I got a lot of new fabrics washed and ironed. I have bamboo and organic cotton freshly shrunk and ready to go. This is a very very exciting week!!!! Look at those new solid cottons! Stunning!!!! The colors are so very bright and vibrant!

I've gotten 2 custom orders done already today. I'm planning on updating the shop either tomorrow or Wednesday and the rest of the customs done and in the mail by Friday. Woot!!!! Love love LOVE sunny day inspired sewing!!!

I'm *so* glad I took the weekend off. Lots of delish food, tons of laugher, several Boddingtons ;), lots of sunshine. It was just refreshing and AMAZING.

I'm slowly but surely making progress in replying to emails and I've worked out a deal with my BFF for help with orders and replying to emails! SWEET!!!! Also, if someone could tell me how to reply to blog comments, that would be great because I can't figure it out!

But here's the real story.....I've fallen in love gang. Big time. And I've fallen hard.

Heather Ross has a new collection, Far Far Away and I'm in love. Imported from Japan. Double cotton gauze. Soft. Vibrant colors. Amazing. Best illustrations. So in love, I've been scooping it up as much as possible. Except...it's selling out. Insanely fast. So fast that THREE of my orders have been canceled. >:(

But I'm offering an amazingly sweet bundle of pads from this gorgeous fabric right now in my shop! 6 pads! 9.5 inches, medium! All with cotton backs! So breathable! How perfect for spring and summer does THAT sound?!

There is a chance that my other three orders might be canceled, although several places say they'll be getting more in late May/early June! *crosses fingers* :(

So if you want pads with these prints now might be your only chance!!! Eeekkk!!! You can find the listing here!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and a great Monday!!!!