I'm seriously baffled as to where this day has gone! I've serged over 100 cores *woot*, gathered and organized all my fabrics for custom orders, replied to 50 emails, made a present for my friend Christin, made a hair appointment (!!!!!), tried to pick fabrics for some swaps, talked to my mom, planned this weekend to go home (!!!!!!!!!), went to the grocery store, almost got into THREE car accidents, drank two iced coffees of heaven and totally danced around the house. twice. It's just been busy and a blast around here today!!!

My moms birthday is coming!!! WOOT!!! On Thursday at quilting I'm going to work on her gifts. Top Secret Stuff.

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut! I'm terrifed. Xten. This is my hair right now! And this is what I'd like! I'm going to an ecofriendly hair salon, Aveda! It's called Juniper! To say that I'm nervous would be an understatement. I haven't had my hair cut in TWO years. CRAZY!!!! Send me good hair vibes tomorrow k?!!

I got a *lot* of requests for the same custom order bundle that I posted last night, I got a shipping notice on one order of some snails and frog fabrics, so once they arrive I'll make a listing of them, they are different colors than what I already have which is so exciting!!!! I also was surprised how many people were interested in bundles of pads with a predetermined pad size and fabric, so I'm going to try to post those more often. I also got quite a few emails for bags, which I'll be listing more of. And! WIPES! Yes. Wipes. Right now I can't do wipes, my machine even with a walking foot sometimes "stumbles" on the corners of the fabric and eats them. I've been waiting to get my other Pfaff back from the repair place since DECEMBER. Argh. I'm going to try wipes on my other older machine this week and see how it goes.

Last night I started to organize my scraps! I love scraps! They are now in two piles, coin size and hex size. Each night I'm going to organize that days scraps and make stuff with them. I have *no* idea what my end goal will be, but I'm excited. Quilt? Bag? Who knows!!!! I made little notebooks from scraps last night, I'm keeping one for myself and sending the other two to my friends.

Okokok! Back to sewing!!!! I got two more orders out today and I'm hoping to get another one in the mail in the morning, I ran out of cores so I had to serge more. Woot!!! Yay for pads!!!

Send me good hair vibes!!!!