Truffle Party!


Yesterday after finishing up my computer work I sat down and started working on my truffle. I've been seeing a lot of internet hype about Downton Abbey & thought I'd give it a try. It's available on PBS! I finished my truffle. What a lumpy cutie! I used three strands of DMC iridescent combined with one strand of Cosmo gray that matches my linen. I wanted the sparkle to POP.

Confession. After using a smidge of sparkle in my truffle, I want this sparkle floss bundle so I can add sparkle to all my months! The Cosmo sparkle floss is so amazing compared to DMC. Really smooth and doesn't get all crunchy. I know. Weird. But sometimes floss can get CRUNCHY! Even with thread heaven! This sparkle floss is like BUTTER. But the two colors I have didn't work with the truffle. Hrumph. Maybe a Porkchop can get me this bundle for Valentine's Day! (I don't want sparkly jewels...I want sparkly embroidery floss. Haha! ;))

I just put the finishing touches on February...I'm hoping today while I'm getting an oil change in our car I can work on March. I'm wishing I had green sparkle floss for him! I think that's what I love most about these little desserts, you can totally customize them! Make them however YOU want!

Check out our official Pumpkin Pattern Tester- Kristi-...does that orange not make you SQUEEL?! Her stitching is so nice and neat. Even though I cross stitch a lot...I am SO not at her level of awesomeness. My goal by the end of 2012 is to be a neater stitcher!

The Dessert of the Month Club sale ends TONIGHT! at MIDNIGHT! That doesn't mean you can't join tomorrow! It will just be $6.95 more! So from now until MIDNIGHT, it's only $10 for the entire year! One time payment! 12 pdf cross stitch deliveries! That's pretty rad right? Especially since we decided that some month's will be getting cute recipes. Like next month!

Ok! off to run errands! See you soon!

ps: I'm so in love with my linen from dovestitch! It's really soft and sparkly and awesome! I'm not affiliated with them at all, just totally crushing!