Wild Olive Pattern of the Month Club!

It's Monday! Monday needs to have an infusion of cute. We have to start the week off right! Do you guys know about Mollie? I'm sure you do! She's pretty much the cutest blogger ever. I love her kawaii aesthetic and her blogs positive & fresh feel. She's always blogging adorable things, like laundry, printable calendars, and she has a ton of patterns.

You know how the Pumpkins have Dessert of the Month? Well Mollie has a Pattern of the Month Club. MMMHMM! That's pretty rad right? If you've ever purchased any of her patterns you know that they are professional and you get a lot of adorable things to stitch. I have Hearts Day & Happy Campers! My goal for January is to embroider some hearts and camp fires on a pillow case for Chop for Valentine's Day!

^ that right there? ^ Adorable right? It's a peek of one of Mollie's projects for her Pattern of the Month Club! You'll get 13 patterns for $38! That is so awesome! That's 12 months of patterns (plus you get a bonus!) for less than $3 a month. In Amanda Language- that's one Starbucks trip! And she even has a Project of the Month Club! how inspiring can one girl be?! eek! So cute!

Pop on over to Mollie's blog and say hi! I'm going to make one of her fabric flag key rings today to stick in my project life. Eep!

PS: if you don't know how to embroider, she has an entire section on embroidery! woo woo!

I'm getting ready to have some breakfast & get to work! :) See you soon!