The Farmer's Wife Quilt: Back in Session

The Farmer's Wives took Christmas & January off to catch up on holiday crafting and spending time with their families. It was a well needed break for sure!

I'm so excited that we've started back up. We decided to get the farming excitement going by taking photos of all the blocks and it feels kind of crazy. There is a LOT of work here and I'm still a few blocks short! Eep!

It's kind of funny, if you asked me the colors I sew with most I couldn't have guessed so much brown/taupe. I want to add more pink, more gray and maybe a little more green to it. But I'm trying really hard not to "plan" this quilt. It's scrappy and the blocks are very "let's pull some fabric and sew for a few hours" without over thinking it.

Don't forget to share your farm, it's never too late to join in! And be sure to pop by Angela's blog today and say hi!

I'm running errands all day today, I just cast on for another pair of socks and need another pair of knitting needles. (That's a good excuse to visit the yarn shop right?) I'm planning on making this tonight for dinner, it just sounds amazing, I used to hate minestrone as a kid but lately I can't get it out of my head! Also- I discovered our tv has Sirius, I'm hooked on 90s on 9. Uhhh Dr. Dre, No Doubt, Silverchair? Count me IN. ;)

Have a good Wednesday pals!