Sock Knitting

I'm kind of obsessed with sock knitting.

This is my sock knitting bag & all it's contents!

This is my bunny measuring tape! eep!

And this is my stitch marker collection!

I made a holder for my ninja needles. They aren't REALLY ninja needles, but hiya-hiya interchangeable needles which sounds a lot like the noises ninjas and Chuck Norris make. HIIIIIYAAAAAAAA! Karate CHOP!

oooOOOOOooo!!! Cephalopod Yarns, a Valentine's Day gift from Kayanna that she dyed! and some Cakewalk Yarns! One of these will become my March Socks.

My current project!

Fun right???

I'm hooked on the etsy app, I like looking at all the neat indie dyed yarn. I love that sock yarn is small and really FUN. It's like buying candy. I like knitting a little bit before bed but I've learned I can't watch Downton Abbey & knit lace- I had to pull out half a sock because I was so hooked on the Christmas episode (zomg!)

Normally I hate knitting in the summer, it's very hot here and who wants to be touching wool when it's 115 degrees. BUT SOCKS! They are small and I think they'll be fun to bring camping and on car rides. To me, summer is sewing time and winter is handwork time. I'm not sure why.

My goal this weekend is to find some ranunculus. I've seen a few popping up in the wild but usually the hardware store & pharmacy has some pots of them you can buy. Right now I have a little pot of tiny daffodils Chop surprised me with. Spring makes me want zillions of flowers!