Basil the Donkey Applique Kindle Case

If you know me, you know that there are 5 things I'm obsessed with:

*trashy romance novels. *donkeys/burros/mules. *Heather Ross. *hand work. *scrap sewing.

I had a few scraps left over from some fqs Ashley shared with me and I decided I needed a new kindle case after mine met it's demise after a dip in a bubble bath.

I haven't had time lately to work on needle turn, it's one of my favorite things to do but I'm SO.SLOW. I wanted a little project just to practice on..a little somethingsomething. So I made this donkey! He's inspired by a stuffed donkey Porkchop bought me in Ashland:

Cute huh?

And then once I started, I wanted to keep going! He needed little flowers around him. And little stitches with Cosmo sparkle thread! And the back is a scrap from my friend Sarah P, she sent me a piece of Heather Ross laundry fabric! swoon!!!

He's totally far from perfect, pretty wonky and as I was working on him I realized I should have made his ears and face one piece but thats ok! I love it & it was fun to embroider & applique!

ps: last night Chop said it looked like he'd been made into taxidermy! haha, he's supposed to be a merit badge. you know, for being a champion donkey. ;)