Toes with Potential

I finished some socks last night so today during my lunch break I cast on for a new pair. I haven't decided which pattern to use yet but I'm excited! This yarn is such a pleasure to knit with, Pigeonroof Studios High Twist Sock in Garden Party. I love watching the colors change and it's really soft with great stitch definition. I might pick something with lots of slipped stitches to show it off or maybe just plain knit, who knows ;)

I'm anxiously awaiting a new pair of knitting needles so I can start knitting Nutkin with Kayanna. We are making them in Cakewalk Yarn Footsie in WEENIE! But I'm in between gauge sizes so I'm hoping the new needles will help! And I've been knitting with metal needles which are GREAT (addi turbos & hiya's) but I find I'm constantly dropping stitches and last night I had to repair 3 inches of dropped stitches. Ouch. I'm hoping bamboo needles will be easier.