Oh boy! It's Tuesday already and I'm pretty sure this week is just going to FLY BY!!!! I have so much to share and I'm feeling...crampy.

Things have been so exciting lately. And pretty scary. I needed to face some facts this past weekend and promptly starting making positive changes in my life. Stuff that I've needed to address that has been weighing on my shoulders and my mom, my amazing mom, helped me with. Big time. Xten. Did I mention how amazing she is? I made her a birdie sling and apron this weekend!!!! I'm looking forward to doing some craft shows with her this summer!!!! Yay!!!

I made pretty much the dumbest mistake EVER. I left my wallet at my moms. Yup. No license = no driving. No debit card = no money. No id = no taking money or depositing money into the bank. Sheesh. Even my business debit card was in there! She mailed it to me this morning, hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow because I'm doing a fabric trade with Kate and need to get to Arcata! And tomorrow night I'm visiting Aric!

This morning I got up at the crack of dawn today to work on some orders because last night I realized I did an entire custom order WRONG. AND!!! I ruined two farfar away pads. Oh sheesh.

I ended up going to quilting today. Oh boy. Where do I begin? Brenda Lou is helping me design my dream quilt. She has *so* much patience and she knows her stuff. I'm fortunate in that she's letting me run a tab until I get my debit card back, lol! It was great because today they got all new bolts of fabrics. I took some photos and I'll share them with you tomorrow. When I say its amazing, I mean, amazing. I also got a package of...DIAMONDS for ENGLISH PAPER PIECING. YUP! DIAMONDS! Sadly I can't work on my quilt until I get my debit card+license back and I can drive to Fortuna to get my Pfaffs tension looked at. I can't use my "business" machine for quilting, it sort of chomps the fabric and I'm not too confident with my chain piecing skills. My Pfaff is my very first sewing machine, sews a crisp and perfect 1/4 inch seam, very basic, very portable so hopefully it can be adjusted!

I have so so so much to share, quilts, drawings, quilting bees, etc, but unfortunately I have some god awful cramps and am starting to feel rather gross, so I need to cut this short. Sometimes (read that as 99% of the time) I get *so* wrapped up in a project that I forget to eat. I've had a yogurt, iced coffee and several waters all day. FAIL. Now I'm eating an omelet and its kinda...blah.

I'm going to take a very hot shower and head to bed early. Be prepared for tons of photos tomorrow!!!

Have a great night!!! xoxox

P.S. Please tell me someone else thinks I should make this and name him Reginald!!! Bonus points if you get that :):)