{*Where I Quilt*}

It's absolutely no secret that Eureka and I...we don't get along. The rain. The mold. The never seeing the sun for months on end. We just aren't friends.

After I decided to take a break from school, I threw myself into my business. And it was going really really really well. But slowly, I started to feel trapped inside all day. But I don't have a ton of extra money and I'm trying to pay off my debt, so just random trips out of town are out of the question. So is shopping for fun. Going out to dinners. Etc. So basically, it's me, indoors, sewing 24/7. Which you'd think that would be *perfect*, but its not. It can become really really stifling. Going outside is kinda limited because...you know...RAIN!!!!

Enter my favorite quilt shop, scottie dog quilts!

Literally almost every day of the week, there is *something* awesome going on there. So I've started with once a week, sewing Thursday mornings with Liz! Liz is like, the 30's reproduction fabric QUEEN. She loves it and knows all about it and is super super passionate about it. She also is a wiz with math, I'm awful with math and frequently come to her with "Ok, so if I have x amount of fabric, what do I need to make this this this and this." And she just figures it out. Then I've started sewing Monday nights and Tuesday mornings with Brenda Lou, so so so much fun. Brenda Lou..oh wow...talk about a plethora of quilting knowledge!

I never ever expected to fall in love with 30's prints but yesterday...oh boy...they took my breath away!

They got I think 23?ish new bolts of 30s prints and they are STUNNING. Gorgeous!!! Amazing!!! As I was sitting there quilting, Brenda Lou, who is Liz's mom (they own the shop together! How rad is that?!), was unwrapping all these new bolts. I was drooling. xten. They got the 30s prints, plus Arcadia. If you remember, last year I got the entire line several months early from them! Such an awesome line of fabric! If you visit their website, you can call them and order over the phone from them! They also carry english paper piecing supplies!!! Yesterday I got DIAMONDS!!! Yup! How rad is that?!

I'm pretty sure in the next few days I'm going to buy some reproduction prints and make pads from them! How pretty would those be? Little bundles of spring-y goodness right?!?!

Today I'm taking it very very very easy. I think I slept maybe 2 hours last night. I'm pretty sure my uterus is angry with me and is planning a revolt!!!! (joking!) I'm spending the day between laying on the floor with my heating pad, slowly cleaning up and organizing fabrics for orders, drinking the iciest coldest water I can find, DROOLING over Ryan's new AMAZING COLLECTION!, planning what project to bring to Pieceful Weekend, planning out fabrics for the quilting retreat (Jay McCarroll in grays! woot!), etc! I found a sewing pattern last night that I bought a few months that I'm now dying to make, but of course, torn on fabrics! Also, did I mention that I'm part of a 12 month long quilting bee? It's going to be AMAZINGGG! I'm doing it in part with some very very very talented ladies and I'm so honored!

Also!!!! If you have any munki munki, gnomes in yellow or any other Heather Ross scraps, I'd love to trade with you!!! I was sorting through some fabrics last night and found several more prints that I'd neglected to cut, so this quilt is growing! Unfortunately I'm on a budget, so spending $25+ and up for a fat quarter is out of the question for me for buying fabric right now for a personal project, but my longest corner is 10 inches on my triangles, so if you have any scraps to trade, let me know :):)

See? Even a cloth pad maker gets the grumpy period blues of "omg I have all this awesome stuff I want to work on and show you and I'm dying of excitement over here but seriously these cramps are kicking my BUTT. Oh and could you please pass the hamburger and chocolate shake? kthanksbai".