Sad Shawl Knitting

Kayanna & I decided to join WendyKnit's Mystery Shawl-a-Long this summer. It was super fun and a really challenging knit for me. Lots of stitches on the needles, 200+ which is a LOT for me. I'd say this was my first *real* lace project. I used beads for the first time which was really fun too!

The yarn is Swan's Island Fingering and it is DREAMY. It is one of my all time favorite yarns, it's so soft, it seriously felt like knitting with a cloud. I love the color too, it's called Oatmeal and it was just PERFECT. I looked forward to picking it up each time.

So why is it sad? It's tiny! It just isn't a shawl I'd actually wear, it falls firmly into the shawlette category, I think I like shawls that I can snuggle into. It's not the patterns fault, it's just something I didn't know until I knit it! The pattern was written perfectly and it was a fun knit. You can tell by the photos I didn't even weave in the ends, I blocked it to take photos of, tried it on and then frogged it. It was kind of painful to frog but the yarn was too pretty to just sit around in a project that I wasn't sure I'd ever wear!

I realized I'm kind of fearless when it comes to knitting things, if I don't like it, I don't hesitate to take things apart. Porkchop thinks I'm crazy and he HATES watching me take things apart. But at $30 a skein, shouldn't it be something special that I'll wear a ton?!

Are you a frogger? Do you take things apart?

ps: I'll share with you a shawl that is a happy shawl next!