Happy Shawl Knitting: Traveling Woman

I'm mad at myself for not taking notes during this project. I love it so so so so much, I wish I had another. I used two skeins of Tosh DK in Port. I bought onsies from Jimmy Beans Wool and I'm not quite sure why these were onesies, they matched beautifully and are gorgeous!

The pattern is Traveling Woman and it's super easy and FAST. I've pretty much only been knitting with fingering weight yarn since the first of the year so DK felt HUGE and FAST. I loved watching the tiny bits of hot pink happen. The color is really beautiful. I'd knit this again, the pattern comes with different sizes and whatnot, I love that!

Here is an instagram photo of me wearing it to starbucks in the morning. It's WAY too hot here to wear it right now but if I get up first thing in the morning I can toss it over my shoulders and it feels perfect!


PS: This post is scheduled to display on August 7th...I turn 30 on the 8th!!! eek!