{*Slow Down!*}

Slow down is my mantra these days. SLOW DOWN!!! Things are moving too fast!!!! I'm too excited!!!!

Firstly, thanks to everyone for your jeans suggestions. I went to a thrift store and holy smokes, $10-20 for a used pair of jeans? Wait? What? I could buy a new pair on sale for that much. Sheesh. I did end up buying two sets of vintage sheets for $2 and made several skirts today. Cheater skirts. The kind that you serge in 3 seconds and add some elastic too. Cute and comfy so it works for me! I've lost another .9lbs this week! Yay!!!!!

Secondly, HOLY ALLERGY SEASON. I swear, I want my sinuses just removed. Good bye. Gone. See you later. I can't remember the last time I actually TASTED food. The neti helps in the mornings and before bed but midday? forgetaboutit! I'm down for the count. The pressure is so so so so bad. And my poor ears keep snap crackle popping! Lame. I know they are infected and the dr here refuses to give me antibiotics, which I understand to a certain extent but its like "HEY! I NEED TO FUNCTION DURING THE DAY!!!"

Thirdly, AWESOME NEW FABRIC!!! That is washed! And ready to be sewn with! My goal of tomorrow is to finish working on another order and update the shop. Even with 3-4 new pads. I got some shot cotton to back pads with. If you've never seen shot cotton, just you wait! It's beautiful. It's woven with two different colors so it looks shimmery and just stunning! As I mentioned before, my custom orders are going out wayyy later than planned and will include a little something extra ;) I had to wash quite a bit of mermaid fabric for some very special ladies pads :):)

I'm so incredibly thankful these days for my amazing support system of friends. And the fact that all five custom orders I'm working on right now, everyone is so so so nice. Flickr has been killing me lately, so many gorgeous projects people are working on and everyone leaves me such kind comments. Then twitter today, I almost cried, everyone was so so so nice about my new bag. It feels so good to have people like the things I create. I genuinely love every comment I get! It totally reinforces my life decisions. I second guess myself CONSTANTLY. More than I care to admit.

This afternoon I took a pad break and sat outside in the sunshine and hand stitched the polka dotted binding to the bag. Then the handles. It just feels so nice to be able to hand sew. I love to knit and embroider as well, don't get me wrong, but there is just something so calming about hand sewing. Except when I stuck a needle through my finger, but nevermind that ;) I sat in the warm sun and listened to my ipod (new neko case and sugarland if your curious) and just stitched away. If I could hand sew pads, I'd be so excited. I just REALLY have fallen in love with hand sewing. It's so weird, I feel like I've learned so much this past year being out of college than I ever learned while in college. More practical knowledge. I guess I'm placing more value on usable skills than stuff learned from textbooks. I'm becoming really content knowing that I can physically make things, clothing, quilts, things to keep me warm and comfortable.  Maybe it's result of the recession and everyone wanting to return to a simpler life!

This weekend is my quilting retreat! I'm so excited! I'm going to bring some pads to work on because people are genuinely curious about them and it'll give me a chance to get caught up and maybe even get some stuff together for the shop!  I'm really excited because I'm making a queen sized quilt. I'm so nervous but thankfully, everyone is really ok with holding my hand, lol. I've picked fabrics! It's going to be a BLAST.

I'm alternating allergy/sinus stuff and one of the medicines totally dries me out. Ready for this? I drank an entire gallon of water today. Yup. Plus a large diet coke. Plus a venti iced coffee. I hate having a dry mouth. Siiiickkk :)

I'm going to leave you with some allergy humor ;) Have a fantasic night everyone!