{*Oh Boy!*}

Today = Torture.

I have a pile. Wait no. A mountain of clean, laundry smelling, soft, freshly washed and shrunk fabrics next to me and I can't do a thing. My work machine has been giving me fits lately, it ate two far far away pads, it was very slow sewing yesterday and today..no tension. I cleaned it, changed the needle, rethreaded, adjusted and...nothing.

The truth is. It's a year old. I sew 8+ hrs a day on it. It needs a tune up. But today is EARTH DAY and I wanted to update the shop with some super cute pads plus I got fabric for orders and it's an overcast cloudy day! Perfect sewing conditions!

I just wanted to sew darn it!

Mr.McPorkchop is going to pick me up and we will take work machine to the sewing machine hospital. That's its name, no joke. The lady who works there is so phenom.

The weird plus side?

You know the machine that's brand new and has been being repaired since December? Well Mr.McPorkchops dad picked it up for me yesterday because they finally got the part in, it's suddenly fixed! And he's bringing it here this weekend. So I can make pads on that while the Brother is being tuned up. My older Pfaff is a great work horse but only will straight stitch or zig zag, nothing super cute and come on, we need cute pads.

Now I'm left with a random free day. Normally I'd be jazzed but I just feel sort of let down. I could start my Neptune Coin quilt. Or serger cores all day. Or english paper piece.

But really? I'd rather be making pads >:(