Farmer's Wife Quilt Planning

The background fabric I ordered arrived this morning! Last week I laid my blocks out on the bed similar to the book & I'm not going to lie, I hated it. I felt like the blocks were squished & awkward & muddy looking. Then I laid them on point with a blank space in between them & it looked SO much better!

Trying to figure out what went in the blank space was tricky but I went with a Sweetwater print from their line, Reunion. I had a heck of a time finding a lot (I got 5 yds) but Tracey saved the day & voila! Background fabric. Karyn originally sent me a fq of it & I fell in love, it's graphic & fun but not too modern that it could overwhelm the traditional blocks.

I played around in EQ7 this morning, putting the blocks on point (I learned how! I never knew until today!) but then I realized when I fussy cut all my blocks...I did it thinking they weren't on point. Ugh. So I redid the quilt & came up with a layout I'm super in love with.

I need 11 more blocks, Angela & I had talked about trading a block & this afternoon I'm going to mark in the book the rest of the blocks I want to add to it.

I'd love to have it finished this fall, that would be really neat! Woo woo!