Single Girl Quilt Block

Full Disclosure: I'm in the middle of a passionate love affair.

With my sewing machine.

Now all the snarky comments can stop, yes, I *am* quilting again. Although I'm not really sure why it's an "again", I only paused for a few months to catch my breath & gather my thoughts!

The past few weeks I've been finding old quilts & finishing them, I finished a new lap quilt & sent it off to be quilted by Lindsay, I've made 2 new Farmers Wife blocks and then I decided I needed a new pillow.

But now a pillow has turned into "wouldn't this be a cute little lap quilt for when I'm sitting outside this fall?" I'm going with it. I'm going to make 4 Single Girl blocks, kind of like how Tracey made 4 Swoon blocks & just have a cute lap quilt. And I'll ask Lindsay if she'll quilt something rad on it for me. And maybe...just MAYBE I'll hand stitch a little bit with some Cosmo glitter floss in it. Because that would be shiny & pretty.

I have lots of stuff to share with you as a result of this productivity but sadly, my MacBook needs a new power cord & it's the 5th one I've bought so I've been dragging my feet because I'm not super excited about that. A new one will be ordered tonight & I'll stop blogging from the Wordpress app on my phone, which is awkward.

Here is a Single Girl block :)