It's a Kawaii Winter Wonderland!


Ashleigh & I have been working on something really special the past few months and I'm excited to finally be able to press "publish" on this blog post.

We are just not ready for Dessert of the Month Club to end so we came up with a fun new secret project: It's a Kawaii Winter Wonderland Club! We seriously love surprising you and watching our designs pop up on flickr, facebook and instagram.

This is a mystery club, meaning it's a surprise what you'll be stitching up but we'll be posting sneak peeks through out the month on our facebook page. 

In November, once a week you'll receive an email from us containing a pdf. In this pdf you'll have 5 little blocks (these are numbered like days!) of stitching. By the time we finish sending the emails, you'll have 25 completed blocks!

This is a countdown to Christmas or Winter. It's completely non-denominational but of course if you wanted it to be an Advent Calendar it most certainly could be!

Some cute things you'll be stitching:

  • nature!
  • food! (a pickle!)
  • drinks!
  • creatures! (Shhh, there is a certain owl that is ADORABLE)

Once you purchase the sign ups, you'll receive a pdf with the complete color list and instructions, along with the stitching schedule! Woo woo!

For a limited time the signups are only $10 but they'll rise to $16.95 on the 10th of November. We are working on a few contests and some little bonus printables for the club! And of course we do gift subscriptions if you want to stitch a long with a friend!

Any other questions, feel free to email us directly at thefrostedpumpkinstitchery AT gmail DOT com. I'm away from my computer this week so I won't be able to answer any comments.

Winter! Winter! Kawaii! Woo! Woo!