Harvest Quilt

August is both my favorite and least favorite month of the year.

Favorite because it's my birthday (yay!), pumpkin spice lattes make their appearance (yay!) and least favorite because it's a zillion degrees (boo!) and the very worst part, I'm home alone for the entire month (boo!).

Porkchop works for Sunsweet...yup...PRUNES! He's basically gone the entire month of August. I know what you are thinking, "oh he's late for dinner". Or "oh, he's home on the weekends".

Double wrong!

He works 15 hour days, 7 days a week. He comes home to eat, shower and sleep. Ships passing in the night! There is no such thing as a day off. There is no such thing as coming home early. When fresh fruit comes in, the clock is ticking and it's pure madness. For a straight month.

I spend my days by myself, which I don't mind but I'll also tell you that in addition to Chop being my husband, he's also my best friend and the person who I want to spend ALL my time with. It's true, we joke sometimes that we will have surgery and have magnets implanted in our hips because we are attached at them. So generally after the first week of prune season, I get restless and if I'm being honest, incredibly lonely. I will sometimes go two days without speaking a single word out loud. Crazy right?


This prune season I decided I needed a TREAT. A present. For myself. To keep my mind busy and to create something cute.

I decided to make a simple cross quilt, plus quilt, improv quilt. Whatever you want to call this block, it's FUN.

I grabbed all my favorite fabrics in my very favorite colors, put on my favorite music and went to town. It kept me completely entertained for a few days. It's very much an instant gratification quilt!

The fabrics I used are mostly Heather Ross, Denyse Schmidt and Lizzy House. I really gravitate towards these colors and having them all together really makes me happy.


I pieced in a pumpkin spice latte, using Sew-Ichigo's Latte to Go pattern. Can we talk for a second about how flipping cute their patterns are? Seriously adorable. And perfect for anyone who wants to learn paper piecing. I personally *love* paper piecing, it's pretty much the only way I sew blocks!


Lindsay, who I absolutely adore, did the quilting for me. She's back from maternity leave & I'm happy as a clam with the job she did for me! She used Quilter's Dream Wool batting and stitched some crazy cute pumpkins on it for me. Adorable right?

The backing is a Freespirit Solid that I wish I knew the name of because it's quite pretty, it's like a dark cranberry. yum. I bound the quilt using an older Joel Dewberry woodgrain in a pale yellow. Raise your hand if you want re-prints of all his woodgrains?! ME!!!


Happy Tuesday!