December Daily: Let's do this.

Yesterday I received the hugest package ever from Toronto.

I've never actually been to Toronto. And I've only ever "met" the sender of the package, whom I consider one of my best friends once. She's from Toronto but we met in Salt Lake City.

That's crazy sounding right?

Well, thanks to technology I get to talk to Karyn daily. She'd been texting me, saying another Toronto friend included a treat in a package for me and they wanted it to arrive by December 1st. Oh! Oooo!

I just about died when I opened the HUGEST package of fabric from Karyn and then an AMAZING assortment of paper goodies from Agnes! I'm not sure she has a blog but her name is createsomething on IG and she is ADORBS.

I spent a good 15 minutes crying like a goober. It never fails to amaze me how *kind* people are.

So today I'm sitting in front of the fire, listening to the wind & rain and building a December Daily.

I have very mixed feelings about the holidays. I adore Halloween, Thanksgiving is nice because I love cranberries & who doesn't crave a giant vat of gravy once a year?! But Christmas?

Not so much. It's like once December 1st happens, overnight my body tenses up and I dread the entire month. If it was socially acceptable to sleep for a month, I'd do it in December. I might go as far as saying that I *hate* December. And that's a strong word coming from me! Also, a bad outlook that I'm trying to stop myself from having. Nice things happen in December, like Chorp's birthday!

But this year things have been a little less scary, we launched Kawaii Winter Sampler which is a little more winter than Christmas. It's been super fun to watch people stitch up these characters each day on instagram. As I work on my own, I've been listening to She & Him Christmas ($5!!!)...or The Hotel Cafe presents..Winter Songs which has been getting me in the spirit in my own way, plus it's hard to be grumpy when you are cross stitching things like yetis and hot cocoa. I have just a few more to do & I'll be done, I know it's something I'm going to frame and hang up each winter.

So this is the year that I'm going to do a December Daily. I have all the supplies given to me by Agnes (incredibly generous. Have I mentioned that?!) ;)) I'm not a Scrapbooker by any means but I do love to document EVERYTHING and I have a Smash Book about 1/2 filled since my 30th birthday in August. Having a mini book dedicated to December documenting Christmas at 30 just seems right.

I'm using the prompts on Annette's Blog, this way each day I'll have a specific thing to talk about & find joy in. I haven't picked what to put on the cover of my book yet, it's just a plain moleskine that so far I spray painted with Krylon Glitter. Because everything is perfect with glitter. And I bought this stamp from Tina, who is super inspiring and we know I have an instgram addiction.

If you need me, I'm sure I'll be covered in glue and bits of paper by the end of the day. ;)

ps: wait til I share with you the goodies Karyn sent...she always picks the best fabrics.