WIP: Candy Cane Socks

As part of my "let's try to enjoy December" plan, I cast on last week for some new socks! New socks make everyone happy right?!

I bought this yarn last winter, it was the second skein of sock yarn I ever bought. It feels so weird to type that. I've only been knitting socks for a year but it's such a big part of my life now! I can't imagine sitting in the car without sock knitting!

The yarn is called Peppermint Bark and it's from Cakewalk Yarns.  This is my fourth pair of socks knit with Cakewalk & I seriously *love* it. You can view my other pairs on ravelry.

I'm using size 1 Addi Turbo Lace which are my favorite sock needles, I'm dying to try Signature Needle Arts needles...they offer monogramming which makes my heart skip a beat, plus they look crazy point-y which I'd LOVE. Anyways. ;)

The pattern is from Wendy Johnson, who is basically my sock knitting hero. I have both of her books & had Staples spiral bind them together (best $5 I've ever spent!). If you want to learn how to knit socks, I really suggest Socks From the Toe Up! It has lots of good cast on methods, different toes and heels, plenty of pretty patterns and clear diagrams.

These are technically her On Hold pattern that I've modified. I've simply ignored the side details and the extra yo/ssk on row 7. They look like candy canes now! Fun right?! She has directions in the book for a picot bind off that I might try on these. I'm doing the slip stitch heel which is fun but I always forget how long it takes compared to the simple gusset-y heel.

I saw that Rose is updating etsy regularly with Peppermint Bark, I totally love it & hope you can snag a skein. She also has a cute ravelry group! I want another skein, mine is a little bit more of a darker beige/gray tint to the base and the newer ones look more white, either way, it's super pretty speckled yarn. She also has one that is fruitcake inspired. omg. adorbs! I really don't *need* anymore sock yarn, I have a pretty healthy stash but it's not like yarn has an expiration date ;)

Happy knitting :):):)