An Obsession: Sugar Cookie Latte

Yesterday Ashleigh & I had a Frosted Pumpkin Business Meeting. We are *so close* to finishing our new year long pattern, Monthly Woodland Sampler!

We always have breakfast at The Roost in Chico, I love the Chico Scramble, Ash usually gets a California Benedict and Chop got French Toast. Then we go to Bidwell Perk & work our butts off.

Last week we discovered the amazingness of The Sugar Cookie Latte. Yup. Crazy right? We couldn't stop thinking about them all week, so yesterday...again with the lattes!

The stars aligned and I had my camera in my weekender (which is the perfect bag for carrying a laptop, books, notebooks, cross stitch, etc) so I thought I'd share with you this crazy yummy drink!

Part of me wishes I had the recipe but then part of me is glad I don't...I'm pretty sure if I had it I'd drink it 24/7 and become giant sized. Instead I'll just have it as a little treat when I visit Chico.

They were playing bits from this Sigur Ros album and it sounded so winter-y, I'm debating getting it. I'm thankful for Shazam so I can subtly learn about new (to me!) music without awkwardly asking people around me if they know what music is playing ;)