{*Monday Rainy Monday*}


(best new fabrics EVER!)

I seriously have so much to talk about but I'm not sure where to start!

As I mentioned earlier today, I'm having a sale in my etsy shop! I've never had a sale before!

I was totally surprised by a random burst of sunshine so I quickly grabbed my camera and photographed some new pads (the ones above!) and updated etsy! I wasn't planning on doing it today, but the weather was in my favor and I had to jump at the chance!

Did I tell you that we went and saw Coraline this weekend? If there is ever a movie that blows your mind, its that one. It was so beautiful and visually inspiring, the animation was out of this world. The story honestly scared me a little bit, haha!!! I'm going to make a super cute journal page about it tonight!

Speaking of journal pages, guess what I got?! A sticker maker! Mr. McPorkchop bought me a little xyron with a coupon for Michaels, it was only $10! Yeah!!! I'm so so so so excited to play with it tonight! He also surprised with me a digital kit from a print a day! He got me this one called wildflower and wood! I'm excited and I have lots of plans that involve making mushroom stickers and sticking them everywhere.

On that note, you know what? I want to learn graphic design. You know what else? I want to draw more. I really want to take a community education class at the local community college here, its a month long class about colored pencils. I've never been good at drawing. At all. I'm a bit more of a painter, a paint brush and watercolor feels a lot more natural in my hands than a pencil. I'm truly awful at things like perspective. It's not like I don't get it or I don't see it, I just...can't. So I searched for a graphic design class, nothing coming up :( But the pencil class, there are two, one in March and one in April. It's $75 which is a huge investment for me right now. But I wouldn't have to buy anything because me being a former art studio student, I have about 200 prismacolor pencils, plus some fancy italian colored pencils as well. Can I shell out that much money? I'm on the limb. It would be great to have a few hours each week set aside to draw and learn more about pencils. I'm torn!

I'm really hoping this summer I can take an intro to illustrator class. I feel so lame not knowing anything other than how to resize photos in adobe lightroom. I need more computer based skills. Even saying that, I feel OLD. Plus, duh, I'm starting a silkscreen business with a silent partner, if there are two things that go hand in hand, its graphic design and silk screen.

We went to Target for some little stuff and we searched and searched for the Orla Kiely stuff, we ended up finding on an end cap with clearance christmas stuff and vaccum cleaners! They only had a tiny bit, but I got a bucket for instock pads to keep them organized for when they sell and a laundry bag! I can't wait for the cups and kitchen towels! I'm going to post a photo tomorrow of the stuff I got and the little journal page I'm making.

I've also been getting steady little packages arriving with lots of new little fabrics. More fabric stores need to be fat quarter friendly! I've found three this week that have gotten a lot of my business! A half a yard of fabric is wayyy too much for me! I only need small amounts! Plus I'm short on space and fat quarters take up a lot less room.

Want to see a terrible photo?


There you go!!! That was taken earlier this morning! See what the rain does? BLECH!

I got a three fat quarters of a lecien print, they are bears who are cooking! They are so awesome, little salt and pepper shakers, baguettes, bees, lol, just really great prints. Then I found a half yard of my favorite Japanese print!! It's the most charming little houses with birds, so so so so cute! I think this is one of the only fabrics that I've actually used up and had to buy more, thats how much I adore it. It was the sellers last half yard too! And then...

I splurged.

I bought a yard of two Anna Maria Horners new Good Folks prints. I'm making myself a birdie sling. I accidently bought only a yard of each and I'm pretty sure the pattern needs more, so I'm sensing a lot of fudging. Has anyone made a birdie yet? How did it go? I'm using the yellow for the straps and the grey/bright pink for the body. I'm not sure yet on a lining...

I also just downloaded a firefox add on for twitter. Yup. I'm that girl. I freaking love twitter. But I need a cuter background on mine :(

okok! I hope everyone has an awesome Monday! Don't forget to check out the cute new stuff on etsy!