{*Almost There!*}


I'm so glad its almost Friday!

I've updated the shop with two super pretty overnight pads! I seriously love sewing overnight pads! They are so great for showing off bold fabrics!!!

Speaking of sewing...

I'm currently working on a birdie sling. I really like it so far, I have the entire bag cut out, but unfortunately I made a mistake cutting out the lining, I cut the outside fabric pattern...with the inner lining and the fabric was too small. Oops! So now I'm just waiting for the lining fabric again and I got some donut fabric today in the mail! How great is that? I'm 99% sure there will be a donut pad in the shop tomorrow! The fabric is actually a flannel imported from Japan and its irrestible! It's so so so soft!!!

This is insane week weather wise!!! It's been down pouring daily, then suddenly it'll hail, then suddenly its sunny for four minutes and then BAM! rain! It's also pretty cold, our house is extremely drafty and I've had to keep the heat and that makes me verrrryyy grumpy. I've been looking quite puffy, smart wool leggings under sweats, tank top, teeshirt, long sleeved teeshirt, hoodie, wool socks pulled up to my knees. This morning I almost put on mittens to package orders because it was.that.cold.in.here! When I woke up our bedroom was 47 degrees. I know that doesn't sound cold, but HELLO! That's indoors!!! Even with the heat on 24/7 it hasn't gotten above 57.

Well, we made a big investment this week (read $10) and bought rabbit ears for our tv! We have 3 public access chanels and I'm feeling pretty good about that!!! I'm excited about being able to watch things like...local news and weather! Hahaha!! We so far are getting around 7 channels, awesome!! The HD Channels look so so so good!

What are you doing for Valentines Day?!

Ok! Off to warm up in the shower!!! Have a great night!!!