YEAH!!! It's Friday!!!

I've spent the day working out several custom orders, sewing 4 new pads for the shop!, baking and cooking up a storm!!!

Speaking of storm, its been hailing here all day. This morning was a record low in our bedroom, I got up and it was 45 degrees. Not acceptable. I turned on the heat and crawled back into bed. I left etsy feedback, replied to some emails, working on some computer projects until it was warm enough to emerge. Not fun. 

Today I've been on a cooking spree! Baked amazing brownies and am currently making soup! We bought a small steak on sale at Safeway to split for dinner tomorrow night, I made a marinade for it! Lately when I go grocery shopping I play a game, its called "see how much you can save". I try to save more than I spend and lately, it's been getting pretty close, last week we spent $24 and saved $19.75!!! That's freaking AWESOME! I pretty much won't buy stuff unless its on sale! Budget Budget Budget!!! I love printing coupons online!!!

Right now I have my favorite dutch oven on the stove cooking French Onion Soup and it smells *amazing*! I even dug out my ramakins!! Speaking of cooking, does anyone have any links or suggestions for taking food photos indoors under lamp light? I hate how yellow my photos turn out!! Links or tutorials, ANYTHING would be great!!!

Tonight I want to knit! I ordered a skein of malabrigo this week for a trade for some japanese craft books but it hasn't arrived yet. I have a skein of twinkles super bulky yarn that I'd like to destash, but I'm unsure what to make! I might make an unoriginal hat from the yarn harlot but I'm not sure I have the right size needles! Grrrr! I think I only have a size 10 1/2 and I'm not sure how well it'll go, but...it can't hurt to try! I really love the color of yarn I have, its called urchin! It's so soft and squishy!!!

I'm also planning on spending my weekend with the last issue of Domino :( Sad Story!

okok! Off to finish up my soup and spend some time watching jeopardy with Mr.McPorkchop!

Have a super fantastic weekend!!!