{*Late Night Crafting*}


I did some late night crafting last night. I started this bag around 6 pm and finished at around 10pm. Not bad. For me, sewing anything past 5pm is late night crafting. Since I sew for a living, I sew in my "off the clock hours", which is after 5, when my house is dark and impossible to see ;)


Mini pattern review :)

Pattern: Amy Butler Birdie Sling
Fabrics: All Anna Maria Horner "Good Folks"
2 1/2 inch gussets, I like wide bags. This flattened the bottom amazingly!
I added two D rings and a strap! The strap is actually an old J.Crew belt from a few years ago that I was wearing as a necklace for a while, but I couldn't resist using on this bag! The yellows together are perfect, the velvet is so plush and soft! Plus of course I was hugely inspired by Marc Jacobs with his amazing use of the chain link in his bags. Lately I just have a thing for bags with extra straps. My current bag has a strap so I can wear it across my chest. I just love them.


I used the lining material to contrast with the bags for the loops that hold the d rings into place. Instead of using craft store hooks, I used hardware store ones, I really really like their heft. It's a nice contrast to the softness of the fabric.


Unfortunately one of the things that I didn't like had nothing to do with the pattern, but an error on my part. I bought the remains of a bolt of pellon heavy weight interfacing. It ended up being CRAFT heavy weight interfacing instead and boy oh boy, this bag is TOUGH. It stands up completely on its own. It made the pleats tricky and they don't "hang" nicely. It's almost...crunchy. I ran out of interfacing, went back to Joanns, bought the "normal" heavy weight interfacing and...it melted the interfacing and fabric, the whole piece just pucked up and I couldn't even remove the two pieces from each other. And that was on the low setting of my iron. With a kitchen towel over it. Charming!

I did use the fusible fleece on the lining and I love love love how plush and full it made the inside of the bag, I'd use it again on bags, no question about it.

I was hugely inspired by theworkroom.ca

I loved how she put a favorite quote in her birdie, so I tried the same thing. I'd never type written on fabric before and it was a blast. Lately, I'm not going to lie, I've been listening to a great powerballad station on Pandora. I love great 70s and 80s jams. I ended up with an entire "page" of organic cotton all typed up!


I adore my typewriter. It's BLUE!!! And has a little suitcase. I got it at a yard sale for $5. The best $5 ever! It works beautifully. So I spent an hour coming up with favorite song lyrics. November Rain. U2. Whitesnake. Yeah. I went there.

I ended up listening to a great live version of "Dream On" by Aerosmith. I freaking love them. Maybe it's hometown pride? Maybe it's because my mom was rad and snuck into their first concert at Boston Garden. Either way. Love that song.

"all my life is in books written pages
live and learn from fools and from sages
you know its true
all the things you do come back to you"

I'm a big fan of kharma these days and each day I do something small and nice for another person. There is too much negativity in life lately with the economy. Right now, everyone needs all the small help they can get!!!

So that is my new bag. :)

I've gotten a lot of etsy convos asking when I'll list new pads, right now I'm slammed with custom orders. I got two amazing custom orders this week, one from my friend Shanna who let me pick the fabrics so so so awesome!!! I have another one right now where the customer is letting me surprise her! I love that!!!!!! I'm going out of town this weekend but I might pop a pad or two in the shop today. :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and weekend!!!