I went and visited my mom this weekend! It was ammmmazing!!! I have some photos that I need to upload too! Have I mentioned how rad my mom is? Well, she is!

This week is looking insane already, helloooo Monday! I came home to a stack of etsy convos, I'm not done replying yet, so if your waiting for me...I'm here! Just slow!!! I've also been working on a side project that is almost done and makes me very very very excited.

I am pretty excited though, Mr. McPorkchop has given me a $25 gift certificate to amazon.com and I'm at a loss for what to buy!!! I can't decide if I want a crafting book or a novel or something!!!! I might get a crafting book because there are several really great used book stores locally for novels..

So my dear BFF blog readers, if you had $25 to spend at amazon.com on a book, what would you buy?!