{*awe man!*}


Awe man!!!

I'm *sick*. Nooo fun! I've felt it coming on the past few days and I've done everything in my power to stop it, but last night while working, my throat felt scratchy and this morning = no voice and sore throat! BOO!!!!

You know me, I normally feel guilty not working, but one of my 2009 goals is less guilt, so today is being spent in bed with hot tea. I'm catching up on some reading and researching! Last night also marked getting the ball rolling on my huge side project, I don't want to jinx myself yet, but I think its going to be so so so cool and the supplies have been ordered!

 I woke up to a jam packed full inbox, I've been unsubscribing to store news letters and junk mail, about 80% of my 100+ emails were from friends and etsy! CRAZY!!! And nestled in my inbox was a $25 gift certificate from Shanna to Bake It Pretty!!! I was stunned! I was jazzed! I was so so so excited!!! The above picture is from her custom order! So much fun to sew!!! Of course, being an avid google reader user I've seen all the pretty stuff that has been made all over blog land from supplies from here! I ended up getting so much neat stuff, a gnome cookie cutter, a mustasche candy mold, just some really great new little treats, including little popcorn bags for small lienr orders, hilarious!!!!!! Thank you so so so so much Shanna!!!!!

Want to hear a neat story?

So I'm in bed and my bed is under a window. I can look outside the window, under the curtains while laying down.

I'm laying here, working on some stuff, when I hear a little thud.

I peek up and a RAVEN peeks down!!! He was sitting on the gutter and looking at ME!!!

We stared at each other and then he hopped away. CRAZY!!

His beak was so very black and thick, which is how, in all my ornotholigcal brilliance, I knew he was a raven and not a crow. I wish I had my camera.

I actually wanted a net so I could keep him, but thats creepy and we won't go there!

I think thats my signal to go back to sleep. Etsy now has info on custom orders in the policy section and a notice that I'm sick, so please please please be patient with convos!!

have a great tuesday!