{*Not Good*}

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(my all time favorite mug, my favorite teeshirt and swaddled like an egg in blankets)

The truth is, I'm not very good at being sick.

Most people take days off or can suffer through work and sleep well at night. Either way, they rest.

I do neither. I'm in this odd state of inbetween-ness!

I've spent the day two days in this odd working yet not working, relaxing yet not relaxing state. Mentally, I'm here, making plans for kidnapping? stalking? erm "visiting"  maru, saving inspiring images, fabric window shopping, replying, writing, re-writing, drawing plans for my big side project, but physically, I'm a sneezing, coughing, fever-y mess! No fun!!! I hate being super inspired and not able.to.do.ANYTHING!!!!

Yesterday I used my amazon.com gift certificate! Curious what I bought?

Linen, Wool, Cotton

Patchwork Style



Sew & Stow

I think I spent around $11 out of pocket, which is really cool! The down side is of course in order for free shipping, I have to wait for them to be shipped all at once and since two of them are pre-orders...welll I'll be getting some nice books in April! haha!!! I have a feeling in a few weeks I'll move on and become side tracked, then the books will arrive and it'll be a very pleasant surprise!!!

The photo above is taken with of course, my handy mac book which has lived on my lap for the past two days. We've been searching the web, networking, applying to shows, spending time with our online bffs, reading google reader, making lists, playing with twitter, trying to respond to etsy convos....

Speaking of etsy, I'm about 65% through my convo inbox, which is super rad. I also updated my policies, be sure to check them out. I had quite a few convos from customers regarding someone buying my pads, tracing them and trying to sell them :( This makes me very very very sad. I like how Amy Butler 's FAQ puts it:

"We always encourage folks to create their own unique pattern designs to create products for sale. There is so much potential for great design. If you are inspired to work with Amy's patterns, she always says..... "if I can do it, so can you! " Go out there and make your own, unique amazing creations! The energy and passion behind small business is what makes the world go round!"

I say the same thing! Cloth is great! Etsy is great! DIY is super great! Create your own awesomeness! Trace your favorite panties, thats how I started! But its not ok to "borrow" someone elses design.

I have an extremely loyal customer group, I'm giving you guys big big big hugs on the heads up and kind words.

I woke up this morning convinced that I was totally fine, not sick anymore, everything was great! I got a whopping 50!!! yup FIFTY cores serged for custom orders. About half way through I started to feel kinda icky. But I was ignoring it. And about two hours into it, I was done. My head, nose and throat were like NO WAY LADY!!! NO MORE!!! So I finished up the cores, cleaned the inside of my serger and came back to bed.

So I'm drinking some scalding hot peppermint tea with marionberry honey and looking at flickr. I <3 flickr so much. In a bad mood? Search "kawaii" and be prepared for cute. Want to smile? Search scottish folds and be extra prepared for awesome cat overload. Flickr is just GREAT!

I'm going to leave you guys with my most favorite and inspiring flickr streams!!! Be prepared to click *favorite* over and over again!!

Kup, Kup Land
daily bungalow

okok! Have a super fantastic evening!!!