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this is my wordle!

isn't it cuuuute?!

Well, thanks to my amazing friends, my website is off to an amazing new start!!!! I'm going to be deleting typepad and during the time I'll hopefully make sure that all my older posts still have their original photos. I'm also adding to my bffs, so if you've linked to me, please please please let me know, on typepad I could see what sites referred people to me, but this one I haven't quite figured out yet!

I was tempted to post a photo of myself today with my amazingly red nose, puffy face and bed head, but I'm prrrrrrretty sure you don't want to see that! Today is my all time sickest day, sheesh. I've been falling asleep every few minutes and I've only been able to eat half an english muffin. I'm forcing myself to be better by tomorrow, I have orders piling up and I want to work darnit!!!!

Last night I got out of bed for an hour, not smart, but I'm so insanely inspired by sewmamasews doll quilt a long that I grabbed some fabric scraps and started cutting 20 3 inch squares...by hand...in bed. Yeah. That's how desperate I was for something creative!!! I have them all done and ready to be pieced! In my medicine fog I picked some strange fabrics, hopefully they'll all go together nicely. Also, did you guys see that the rad quilter oh, frannson is going to do a beginners quilt a long?! You know I'm on it!!! I really really want to learn to quilt and so many of my friends are talented quilters, like Brooke! My favorite quilting inspiration bff is Christin that scarf is so so so rad!!!

Ok, I'm ready to fall over, off to take more medicine and sleep. ARGHHH!!! I need an i.v. of orange juice!