Satisfaction in Mending

I love to mend.

I sometimes wish I had a time turner like Hermoine so I could occasionally  constantly punch my 18-24 year old self in the face.

Oh that torn garment? No biggie, I'll just throw it out and buy charge a new one. Embarrassing behavior that when I mull over it becomes horrifying.

I was grabbing my winter sweaters and saw a favorite old  wool J.Crew number had some holes in it. I almost started to cry. It's the perfect thinness that is great for layering, it has 3/4 length sleeves and is WARM. After realizing that I definitely can't afford a new one, I sat down with myself and thought "self, you are a dummy. fix it." It wasn't just the finances of it, I really didn't WANT a new one because this one is just perfectly cozy!

20 minutes later: glitter mending. cute sweater that isn't falling apart. 20 minutes of day dreaming, relaxing and watching thread sparkle.

I'm not pro at mending by any stretch, I recently repaired my favorite set of sheets that became snagged in the dryer by embroidering a teeny peach over a hole. I guess I feel like mending can either be a chore or something cute. I'm going with cute. Always cute. And when in doubt: add glitter.

I used Cosmo embroidery floss and their sparkle floss. It's SO smooth to stitch with, little to no snags and it's more puffy than standard metallic floss. Also, not itchy!

Here are some inspiring mending links:

I secretly want a darning egg. And more glitter floss. I'd love to put patchwork elbow pads on a worn out sweater, how cute would that be?!