December Daily Book Progress

So December isn't turning out to be too shabby!

I'm definitely in love with this project, although obviously I'm *not* a posh scrapbooker, I think I'm more of a "let's just glue this to this and add glitter" kind of documenter but that's ok. You can find my first thoughts on December Daily in this post.

Here are some things I've enjoyed about December so far:

  • working on my candy cane socks.
  • having sugar cookie lattes.
  • reading books by Scandinavian authors. I spent a full Saturday reading "The Keeper of Lost Causes". And I'm anxiously awaiting a Jo Nesbo paperback to arrive.
  • I made dollar store glitter stockings and hung lights in our bedroom. First time for both of those things in 5 years.
  • had an amazing baking day with my mom.
  • having gluten free ginattas that my mom made me for breakfast. (!!!! amazing !!!!)
  • discovered I don't like white mochas, but I'm pretty sure it's because the Starbucks here is hit or miss.
  • my mom gave me a bit of this pineapple vinegar and WOWZA! It's quite possibly my new favorite thing!
  • flannel sheets! It's hard to be sad when you are wrapped in cozy.
  • working on our newest club, Woodland Sampler! The Workroom has floss kits too! 
  • I treated myself to this & this! I'm aiming to turn both yarns into socks in January. I took a pair of socks apart a few days ago and I realized I *really* like the sport weight socks I made, so DK could only be better, plus she's from GRIDLEY! And then STRIPES! YES PLZ! I haven't knit a pair of striped socks yet and I'm dying too!

I haven't missed a single day yet with this project. I sat down on December 1st and put all the prompts in the order I thought I'd like to write about and added papers in the pages. Each evening at 5:30 my phone's alarm goes off, I sit down and make the page. I pick and photo from either my phone or camera and add it to my Rite Aid album and every few days I've gone and had them printed, then I glue them into place. It's not very fancy but it's working well for me!

I didn't take photos of all the pages, some are too personal but I love just stopping my day for a half hour and just THINKING. No pressure, just sitting and reflecting. It's shown me that I have a *lot* of little things each day to be thankful for! Perfect!