Candy Cane Socks: Done!

I finished my Candy Cane Socks on Saturday!

I'm super pleased with how they came out, the yarn is so soft and they fit great.

I used this tutorial for a picot bind off and it was super easy but...I'm pretty sure I should have done a hemmed picot. I'm afraid in the future the tops might roll down a little bit. I might weave some elastic in later on, so far I've worn them with no problems!

I'm in love with how peppermint bark knit up, it's the prettiest yarn! I love how Cakewalk feels after blocking, it gets super smooth and drape-y, very soft! Also, I love watching the speckles form as I'd knit.

I started a new pair of socks this week, these are just plain socks with a slip stitch heel. I tried Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy bind off for the first time & I really like it! Normally for socks I do a sewn bind off but it leaves the top of the sock kind of wrinkly looking, which isn't a big deal but I like how smooth this looks! I'm not 100% sure I did it right but I like the results!

I'm using a yarn I bought last spring called Cozy Toes by LushMommy, it's very pretty! It's interesting to see how different hand painted yarn knits up, the second sock looks nothing like the first one!

I really want to knit more "plain" socks this winter, I have two pairs right now that I wear all the time, Harry Potter & Mansfield's Garden Party.

I also decided to treat myself to a pair of  size 1 Signature Needle Arts circulars for Christmas. The candy cane socks are the 14th (!!) pair of socks I knit since last December so I thought I deserved a really primo pair of needles. They haven't shipped yet but I'm crossing my fingers that they are amazing. I got them monogrammed with Mrs. McPorkchop, because seriously, monogrammed knitting needles?! Get out of town. Adorable.

If you are looking for a good book series, I've been *loving* this one, I've come down with a hardcore cold or the beginnings of the flu, yesterday I laid on the couch & devoured the first two books and I think I'm 45% through the 3rd?! Very good & creepy.