Monthly Woodland Sampler Sneak Peek: February

On January 2nd we introduced our Woodlander's to Deer Couple and I was downright *shocked* how fast people stitched these cuties up. It takes me a zillion years to cross stitch, I'm pretty sure I'm the slowest stitch-er ever! But it makes us crazy excited to see how you guys dive into each pattern and project. I kept texting Ashleigh with "another person finished!" "someone else is done and it's soooo cute"!

Yesterday I posted a little sneak peek on instagram of my hoop and people seemed *really* excited so I thought it was only fair to share it with the entire universe. (Well, my little spot of the universe that is!)

I think 2-3x a day we receive an email asking if the blank bits in the frames are supposed to be there. The answer is yes! These little spaces will contain cute things later on...such as CLOUDS! See that little guy above?! Adorable right? Ashleigh really went all out on this pattern, it has a lot of sweet little details.

February has also had people curious...why is it blue? Is it special?

The answer takes place at NIGHT! I've always been curious of the woods at night. Curious and slightly scared. I'm a bit of a weenie. What is lurking around? Friend or Foe? In this case, totally a friend! This little woodland creature is heading out for night time adventures, maybe visiting a masquerade ball for a little dancing under the stars! wink wink hint hint!

I've blocked out all of the navy blue already, the rest of the blank spots will be grays, yellows and a few little bits of sparkle. This month has a lot of stitching, no empty squares within the 33x33 stitch block! Eek! Exciting!

Don't forget, tomorrow at midnight the price of the pattern rises to $16.95! And we'll send patterns to friends, we have lots of sisters, mothers and daughters and bffs working on this project together.