Pink Projects EVERYWHERE.

A few weeks ago I woke up and decided pink was my new favorite color.

My previous favorite color was's been gray for years. Porkchop teases me because of the frightening amount of gray tank tops and teeshirts I own. I just love gray.

But now I love pink too.

So the most logical thing for me to do was start a Valentine's Day quilt!

I have a bunch of cute Japanese and older Moda fabrics that I've been hiding for a sweet project like this. I picked a gray/cream background fabric that you can see on a few of the blocks but it was leaning a little too sickeningly sweet. I wanted tough sweet. Like the grouchy country boy who hunts all day and gets muddy but then comes home and peels your oranges all cute because you can't. Or squishes and cuts your sandwiches in 1/4's because that's how you like them. Tough Sweet!.So I'm making it a little different by adding black essex yarn dyed linen as the background of all these pinks. And then I'm backing the quilt with velveteen which is luxurious. xten.

Camille, who is adorable and clever designed this pattern and it's super easy & fun. The pattern is called Double Take and it's two patterns in one, I love that! I'm making the checkerboard one. I think it's for jelly rolls but I don't own any (I just lost my key card to the cool quilter club house by admitting that) so I'm just using scraps and favorite little bits from my stash.

And then this gloriousness came in the mail! PKM sent me these fat quarters because she's AMAZING! I'm working on a bear paw quilt (pink! are you surprised?!) and she sent me the hot pink dots for that but then included the extras! What a gem she is! After she sent them I decided I need to get more of those dots, they work so well in everything! And I think I need a Valentine's Day knitting bag...

For these new socks!!!! As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm trying to knit a pair of socks each month in 2013. My January socks are HOT PINK! So hot pink that my camera has issues capturing it. And don't get my started on how my phone pretty much falls over and dies when I try to take photos of them. The color is called POP ROCKS! and it's by Madelinetosh.

AND THENNNN! I was buying tapestry needles and a cat needle minder (a needle minder is a little cute magnetic thing that you put on your hoop to keep track of your needles) from the workroom when I spotted this pattern for a DONUT QUILT. Um what? A donut quilt?? Yes please. I pulled fabrics for it last night. Big shock...pinks.

The background fabric will be Lizzy's constellation stars because they are adorable. And then it has bottom and top borders...I can't decide if I should hunt down more of these cream metallic dots that Lindsay sent me a scrap of?! Or maybe use one of Lizzy's new pearl bracelet colors? I don't know! Either way I have to save up to buy the background, border and backing fabric so I have some time to mull it over.

Also, today is the veryyyyy last day of the Woodland Sampler sale!!! Tonight at midnight it goes up to $16.95! I hope you'll join us this year stitching it up!