Straight Stitch Society: Have It All Wallet

I made a wallet last night!!!!

And it was sooooo much fun!

I saw the pattern earlier this week on pinterest and knew I had to make one. I'm trying to be more organized in 2013 and my previous "wallet" was really a pony pouch that Karyn made me. Super cute & one of my most treasured things but every few months it would be jam packed with receipts, movie ticket stubs and pens. Because you know, it's a pouch! Not a wallet! And I just cram everything in it without thinking!

I've tried to make wallets before, 4 years ago I attempted to make my mom & I "A Safe Place". Let's just say that she has a wonky looking wallet and I didn't bother making one for myself. Half way through I abandoned the directions because I didn't understand them and I winged it. I've tried various tutorials online but always ended up with something kind of sloppy.

The pattern I used for my wallet is called "Have It All Wallet". And it was super well written and FAST. I generally don't sew in the evenings but I made this in a few hours after supper.

Here are some thoughts:

  • Easy! Really clearly written, totally beginner friendly. I loved the tone of the pattern, encouraging & cute!
  • I used two Echino home decor weight fabrics. Instead of using heavy weight sew in interfacing I used Pellon 809 Decor Bond on both the outer pink fabric, plus the inner deer fabric. This is iron on and my very favorite interfacing for bags. It is really sturdy and crisp. The rest of the wallet I interfaced using their directions using the Pellon 809.
  • The only time I got confused was inserting the zippered pocket into the accordion pocket. Chop sat down and read it to me and it clicked. Sometimes I think I need to hear things aloud in order for them to make sense.
  • I purchased the pdf version and you do have to tape things together but they have a background grid that helps you line up the pieces. In total the pdf is 16 pages.
  • The pattern has little drawn illustrations with the steps which I loved because...
  • I learned a new way to install a zipper! I *think* this is the same method Anna Maria Horner uses in her Art Student Tote but I never could figure it out! The directions in the Have It All pattern made it SUPER CLEAR. I read it twice. Then a third time to make sure I was interpreting it correctly. I followed it EXACTLY as written and BAM! Cute zip pouch!
  • I love how big and sturdy this is, tons of great details that make this look posh. Accordion pockets, strip interfaced card holders and that little attached inner zippered pouch is adorable.
  • You can tell I don't have a ton of things, I carry a license, two debit cards, frequent yarn & yogurt buying cards and a library card. But this thing has LOTS of room! Behind the cards you can put cash or receipts. The zippered pocket right now has my lip balm, lip gloss, a ton of change and hair ties. In front of the zip and behind the zip are more pockets that expand, I'm holding a book of stamps and a few grocery coupons. Best part? If you have a smart phone, it fits *perfectly* in front of the zippered pouch! So you can totally carry just your wallet and keys if you have to run a quick errand. I love that!
  • I used Echino for the outside and inside, the card holder is a Marcus Brother's repro print, the zip pouch is Jay McCarroll's Habitat and the accordion pocket is Joel Dewberry! The tea cup & deer ribbon is Rosa Pomar! All from my stash. I used my snap press to apply a plain black snap. I decided against top stitching around the whole wallet and instead I slip stitched the bottom closed by hand.

I'm pretty sure this is going to be my go-to pattern for birthday & Christmas gifts. The hardest part of the pattern was picking the fabric. Isn't it always like that?! ;)

Have a good Sunday! :):)