FO: Pheasant Socks

I finished my first knitting project of 2013!

Pheasant Socks! Woo!

These are one of my very favorite pairs of socks, soooo soft and they fit great! I've already washed them twice!

I plugged in the Skyp to my favorite toe up pattern, used a size 1 needle and knit them two at a time.

The yarn is Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn in Pheasant, I decided my 2013 goal is to save up and join their sock yarn club. I've never joined a club before but I am *so* obsessed with this yarn that the thought of receiving mystery skeins from them is crazy exciting to me!

I had super mixed feelings about my Signature Needle Arts size one circular needles. I absolutely adore the points and the needles themselves, seriously DREAMY. Towards the end of the socks I felt like I was knitting so smoothly and kind of fast, which isn't like me at all, I'm a very slow and thoughtful knitter (cross stitcher too). But the joins! Oi! They were driving me crazy! BUT!!! I've called them on the phone, emailed them photos and they are sending me a new pair! Hey! That is GREAT customer service!!! High 5 Signature Needle Arts!!!

I'm not sure if I can count these socks as my January socks since I technically started them on December 22nd with a finish date of January 3rd but that's ok, I've already cast and have two repeats of a pattern done on my FOR REAL January socks.

Also, this weekend I shot a pretty nice rooster pheasant. I'm going to make General Tso's Pheasant with it, I made it twice last week and it's *totally* addictive. On Sunday it was SO cold here, only 34 degrees at 10 am! brrr! Chop bought me a pair of Smart Wool Leggings a few years ago from Cabela's, I wore them, regular leggings, jeans, wool hunting socks, a thermal, a hoodie, a Carhartt coat and my favorite cowl! I was COZY! I sat on the back of the quad while Chop whipped us around and I was pretty sure my nose was going to fall off, I think I no longer have New England blood. ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to post a sneak peek of our Valentine's Day patterns. I just finished cross stitching a pinata because I saw this on pinterest and seriously died. Adorable!!!!