{*Hexes Take 2!*}

My fabric has been sitting on it's shelves mocking me. My unfinished quilts are sitting in their bags begging to be sewn. I won't sew and waste my time if it's not going to come out right or I'm going to want to throw something out a window, I know my personal limits. No half assing takes place here. My quarter inch foot shipped which is so so so exciting, my work machine will be back hopefully Thursday....so that leaves me to do only one thing...

Plan another quilt!!!!

I've picked 68 of my favorite fabrics and I'm making hex circles out of them. I got some super pretty Kona cotton and I'm planning on putting the circles on 8.5 inch blocks! Yay!!!! I'm working color chronologically because it makes me so so so happy to create my own personal little rainbow. Dorky right? ;) I even bought a tiny pair of hand sewing scissors because I almost poked Mr.McPorkchop half a dozen times last night with my big shears. This quilt is going to be heavy on midwest modern, the colors in both collections are great jumping off points to add in other collections. When I make pads, I'm almost always left with a bit of fabric thats too small for a pad, too big for a scrap, so I'm making hexes! I'm going to use the rest of the scraps to make a pieced binding. And most likely a coin strip on the back.

I'm so glad everyone gave me their honest opinions on my mixed tape quilt. I bought some really nice and light colored linen and I'm going to cut out the blocks and completely resash it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cut them out nicely?

I'm still unsure how to reply back to comments, I tried through wordpress yesterday and I think it's just me posting a comment back to you, so erm...I read them! And I love them! But I don't know how to reply yet to comments. Is it socially acceptable to email people back?

Also, in a side note, hand sewing is amazing when you watch tv. I've burning through Chuck! Who knew! I love this guy, he's a cross between Jim from the Office and Shawn from Psych!, I freaking LOVE that!!!!

Today I'm trying a new sinus medicine. The doctors here are hesitant to give antibiotics because of something people get in Humboldt called "The Crud". No matter how many times I tell them, "it's not the crud fellas! It's my sinuses! Please!", they just won't give in. I understand to a certain extent but if this isn't gone by Friday, I'm calling my regular doctor in the Valley.

Ok! Back to my new friend Chuck and some hexes! I want to get pinks, yellows and oranges done today!