{*Shopity Shop!*}

Shop news! Shop news!

I sent out several emails tonight about pads! And a few got sent back to me as undeliverable! :( I know a lot of you read my blog so please contact me if you've purchased a custom order and haven't heard from me!!! :):):)

I haven't heard back about my work machine yet and I've sent customers emails regarding that. :) Unless there is a major problem (cross your fingers that nothing serious will happen to Mr.Brother) I'm thinking I'll hear back from them by Friday. Or I'm calling tomorrow. Depends on how impatient I get ;)

I'm so excited!!!! Four awesome fabric collections just came out and I bought tiny bits of each one!!! Did someone say Christmas in May? Because thats what I heard! Be prepared for a major pad update once I get my machine back. I've been serging serging serging so once machine is back in my arms, its going to be a pad factory here!!! I'm washing more fleece tomorrow or Friday to make more cores. Woot! I'm *so* excited and I can't wait to make more. It's weird how a forced break makes me want to make pads so FIERCELY. I'm JAZZED!

Today I got some english paper pieced hex flower blocks DONE!!! EEEE!!! I'm going to take some photos tomorrow. Liz was so awesome and helped me design it so much better than what I originally came up with! We went with 50 hexes and I have 17 DONE. Woot!!!!

I'm also working on a top secret project for a certain lady who I'll be seeing May 8th-10th. Not to use any names, but she begins with M and ends with OM. I so hope she likes it. Does anyone else get extremely nervous when sewing for other people? I do!!! xten!

I'm super behind on emails, flickr, etc! Once I get home from quilting tomorrow I'm dedicating an hour to that stuff! It's amazing how fast stuff comes in. I love love love it though. I even got my fabric for my quilting bee block!!! eee!!! Awesome stuff!!!

Ok gang! Off to work on a top secret M to the OM project!

On a side note: I want to start silkscreening project bags. I've been using a large organic cotton produce bag for my quilt fabrics/tops/etc and today I drew up several designs to print on them! Lots of people here use clear plastic bags but illustrated cotton ones could be cute right?!