I get so annoyed when my little shop just sits and sits like this. I get tons of emails about when I'm updating next and I hate replying with vague answers. ARGH. SO ANNOYING. I'm totally a work-a-holic and just want to be PRODUCTIVE. Each year I swear I'm going to worry less but it never happens ;)

I've been doing a *ton* of quilting lately. Someone asked why I'm not using my quilting machine for pads and the answer is that it only sews zig zags and straight stitches. It's a reallllly basic work horse machine. Yesterday I bought stickers to stick on it. Now I have a weird little frog fellow, some nesting dolls, some bees. All sorts of weird little Japanese Kawaii stickers. love love LOVE them!

Have you put stickers on your sewing machine? Or personalized it? I feel kinda guilty and haven't stuck any on there yet. I haven't even named it but I'm leaning towards Ethel. "Your true blue Ethel" Yup. My favorite movie line ;)

So the gift for M to the OM is almost done. It needs to be quilted and bound.

Want to see?

That's all I can say about it until I give it to her. I'll fully admit that it was not fun to sew. Something about sewing for other people really really really stresses me out. Which is why I take a tiny amount of custom orders. Sewing for someone else, especially someone who's either paying you or someone you love, is so hard! I obsess over every little tiny detail. I will drive myself insane and frequently become BFF with my seamripper!

Tomorrow is cleaning day. Spring cleaning even! Ohhh boy. I need to organize my fabric shelf, screen print some bags for projects, organize my quilting projects. Saturday Mr.McPorkchop & I are spending the wholllllleeee day together, no homework, no computers, no sewing! I'm not sure what we are doing yet but I'm sure it'll be great!

So tell me about your sewing machine and if you've made it even cuter :):)


I *knew* I forgot something! If anyone knows of a great cathedral window quilt tutorial, send it my way! I want to learn so bad, but the hand sewn way, not machine :):)