Small is sort of how I feel lately.

Little a little drop in a very, very, very large bucket.

Big things happen, I mean, they are big to me, but in the grand scheme of things, they are small.

I was asked to make a hex bag similar to the one I made myself. That's a huge deal. I made it. And its awesome. I've been asked to be part of FIVE quilting bees, FIVE. I've had to say no to that simply because just one makes me nervous. I'm been making new friendships left and right. That's a small thing but a big thing. I've been getting involved with some swaps with some really neat people! Super big fun! This makes me so so so happy!

But I've been extremely discouraged lately. I know its mostly because I'm not working so I'm throwing myself into larger more challenging projects. This should bring me pleasure but instead, I'm just feeling grumpy and overwhelmed. Just off I guess.

I started a new quilt this weekend, one that I'm very much proud of. One that I might enter into a quilt show. Instead of being happy about it, I've been stressing about a batch of snarky flickr messages someone sent me about it. How my "quilting was all wrong" and "shot cotton doesn't work well in this quilt" and "I'm not pinning enough". How my quilt is going to end up "stiff". This is from someone who isn't even a contact. Sheesh. Talk about a downer.

Tomorrow is a new day though and I'm not going to dwell on this! Breathe! Breathe! Move forward!

So friends...what is your favorite way to destress???